A R T I S T 'S  S T A T E M E N T

I was born to be on the beach, and so were my paintings!

I have always felt drawn towards the ocean. Its vastness seems to expand my thoughts. Its changing moods make it so mysterious. No two waves are exactly the same but their rhythm is meditative.

The sea spray does wonders for my body, but unfortunately not for all things material! I seal my paintings with a protective resin to withstand seaside living.

In my seascapes, which I call Thalassa (from the name of the ancient Greece goddess), I incorporate some sand and driftwood that I find on the beach. When I paint them, rather than pay too much attention to the details, I try to bring something to the genre with my personal technique and to express the feeling that comes to me at the beach in my own way.

I am very fortunate to live close to the sea and to have its energy inspire me.

Chantal P. Durocher

  C O N T I N U E  T O  A R T W O R K S